Council Hears Electric Aggregation Pitch
Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 10:04AM
The Committee for Municipal Electricity Choice

According to the Canton Daily Ledger, New York based electric aggregation consulting firm Good Energy is starting the process to run another successful aggregation in Illinois. In an effort to help save new residents money, representatives of Good Energy made a presentation to members of the Canton city council during the Mechanical Committees meeting. Their concept was straightforward; over 60% of Ameren Illinois’ clients who have aggregated have done so with Good Energy and they have seen huge savings because of it.

According to Jerod McMorris, a Good Energy representative from their Peoria office, they request bids from 46 energy suppliers when they manage an aggregation. This makes them, “the Sam’s Club of buying energy,” he said.

Representatives from Canton have previously discussed aggregation with Good Energy, but Canton chose instead to sign with Integrys Energy. However, Good Energy now serves 52 communities in Illinois, including Havana, Hannah City, Peoria, Creve Coeur, and Pekin. These communities combine for over a half of a million households.

Good Energy is now planning another aggregations in Illinois and would “love to have [Canton] be a part of it,” according to McMorris.

The representatives of Good Energy are discussing options for when Canton’s contract with Integrys expires in June of 2014, meaning that even if the council does pursue a relationship with Good Energy, the current Integrys contract will remain intact. Good Energy is currently discussing options for municipalities and their residents to take advantage of the unseasonably cold weather, which might lower energy prices.

If Canton officials do pursue Good Energy’s services in the future, Canton residents might still have the opportunity to receive energy from Integrys Energy. But only if Integrys makes the lowest offer. Otherwise, Canton residents will receive the lowest rate available.

The council will discuss the proposal at their next full council meeting.

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Source: Canton Daily Ledger


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