50 Communities Will See Millions Of Dollars In Electricity Supply Savings Beginning In June!

OVER $70 MILLION OVER TWO YEARS - That's the projected combined savings electric customers statewide who participated in the municipal electric aggregation will reap over a two-year span.

Homefield Energy was the low bidder in a competitive bid with five of the country’s leading alternative retail electric suppliers Tuesday.  Homefield Energy will supply electricity at a contract rate of $0.0408 per kilowatt hour (kWh) – 4.08 cents – during the span of the two-year contract. The high bid was $0.0493 – 4.93 cents.

Compared with current Basic Generation Service (BGS) Ameren rates (depending on zone) of $0.061303/kWh to $0.063507/kWh, the low bid means the average household will conservatively save an estimated $200 per year with many saving more.  That's 33% to more than 35%.  This is the power of buying in bulk!

The 50 municipalities and counties of the Good Energy Central and Southern Illinois Municipal Electric Opt-Out Buying Group represent the largest aggregation program of its kind in Illinois.  This bigger buying group means vastly stronger buying power.  There are over 215,000 households and small commercial retail electric accounts in the Ameren service territory are in the current buying group.

What’s more, 40 of the 50 communities in the purchasing group, chose to purchase 100 percent renewable electric production – all green.  This may be the largest residential renewable purchase in the history of the United States!

What's next?

Homefield Energy, the new supplier, is now hard at work assembling electricity usage data.  Once completed, residents and small commercial retail customers will receive a notice from Homefield detailing the program, simply and thoroughly, and how to Opt-Out if the account holder does not wish to take advantage of the offer.  Letters will begin arriving in mailboxes within the next two weeks.  

Once the supply switch to Homefield is completed, Ameren will send notices to all of those who have not opted-out confirming the the switch.  This will be the second and final opportunity, in this case, to rescind the offer and be returned to Ameren's service and respective rates.

June will be the first month of service for most communities, but remember, your charges for that service will not be reflected until the following month's bill.

Please continue to revisit the Latest Updates for the most current available information.


Good Energy in the News: Aurora Approves Plan for Electricity Aggregation

From the Good Energy Latest Updates page, the Daily Herald explains how the Aurora, IL City Council approved the plan for electricity aggregation.  The City Council was guided by Good Energy, and its decision paves the way for residents to save money on their electricity supply costs.

Read on the website


54 Municipalities and Counties successfully passed the ballot question on March 20th!

Congratulations Central & Southern Illinois!
54 Municipalities and Counties successfully passed the ballot question on March 20th.  Local government officials whose communities make up the electricity buying group have been holding public hearings to discuss how the program will move forward, while working extremely hard behind the scenes with Ameren and ComEd* in order to make this program as seamless and successful as possible, ensuring that you get the greatest possible savings on your electricity supply costs.  We would like to thank Ameren and ComEd for being so helpful and supportive along the way.
This program has reached a size of epic proportion, quite possibly the largest residential and small commercial retail electricity buying group ever assembled in Illinois.  As a result, fundamentals are now in place for suppliers to fiercely compete in hopes of winning the bid to provide electricity for this group of communities.
What's next?
Suppliers who are certified to provide electricity in the Ameren service territory* have received bid documents.  Suppliers are now preparing their bid responses in order to prove why they are best qualified to win.  Submissions will be put through a rigorous analysis.  The winning supplier(s) will need to provide reasons why they should be selected, paired with demonstrable experience, and the least expensive price/kWh.  
Once a winner has been selected, notices will be sent to all account holders within Municipal or County boundaries informing them that a winning supplier(s) has been selected, what the offer price/kWh will be in order to be able to compare to your Ameren rate, and lastly, how to Opt-Out of the program if you do not wish to participate.  This Official letter should arrive in mailboxes within 10 days of the bid.  If you wish to participate, you will not be required to do anything further, while those who do not wish to participate will be required to mail back the Opt-Out notice within 15 calendar days.  
Please re-visit this site for updates and for answers to your questions.
*ComEd bid will be sent to suppliers in May. 
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