Part 2. Good Energy at KEMA: Poised for Massive Expansion

This is the second in an eight part series looking at Charles de Casteja, mManaging Partner for the New York based municipal aggregation consulting firm Good Energy, at the 2013 KEMA Conference.


Municipal energy aggregation, the concept of banding together the electricity needs of an entire community in an effort to purchase it at a lower rate, is a growing notion across the country. Good Energy, a firm with an impressive aggregation resume in Illinois, is growing as well. “So far today, we represent 175 communities,” according de Casteja.  Further, he says, Good Energy is “saving them on an annual basis over 90 million dollars.”

De Casteja expects “Good Energy to grow to 1 million residents by the end of this year.” That growth would mean that Good Energy will effectively “represent or buy for 1% of the United States on a household level.”

“The biggest starter here was the law,” says de Casteja. And it is true that this expansion for the municipal energy aggregation sector, and Good Energy, specifically, has been possible through changes in the laws in several states. Aggregation is only possible if laws deregulating energy are approved on the state level. Law changes in Illinois have made aggregation legal, allowing unprecedented savings for residents. Similar changes have been made in New Jersey, allowing aggregation to take hold there as well. And the municipal energy aggregation sector will continue to expand as more states see savings for residents from aggregation,

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