Part 1. Good Energy at KEMA: A Proven Company in a Bourgeoning Field

This is the first in an eight part series looking at Charles de Casteja, Managing Partner for the New York based municipal aggregation consulting firm Good Energy, at the 2013 KEMA Conference. 


Over the last 18 months, Good Energy has experienced tremendous growth, largely due to its strong presence in Illinois. Over 150 communities and counting have chosen Good Energy to represent them as their municipal energy aggregation consultant, leaving Good Energy in a unique position. Good Energy expects further growth from the April 9 election, building upon its impressive client base. De Casteja remarks that “by the end of the next election in Illinois on April 9, we will have 600,000 residential customers.”

Growth did not come easily, even after years of learning the business and learning how to gain the trust of citizens, but this experience and focus in the public sector over the past five years has finally paid off in southern Illinois. “We for years have focused on and run large aggregations of public entities for gas, electricity; we’ve even done aggregated demand response. So all of those aggregations led us to really understand municipal behavior, best practices, how to build consensus,” according to de Casteja.

Good Energy is now taking its experience to New Jersey to help local residents save on their electric bills. All of what Good Energy has experienced in Illinois and elsewhere has made it a leader in aggregation.

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